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Master Class: song and text

The goal of this master class is to explore the relation between words and music and how this relationship affects the singer his or hers way of interpreting a song. We have decided to concentrate on the song because this form is a fundamental building block in the construction of music and the sung word. In studying the song the singer can begin to firmly grasp the difference between the art of the musician/singer and the actor. It is also in the song that the singer/musician can begin to experience how make the song his own and embark upon the journey of finding his/hers authentic way of singing.


World Citizens Music will organize in 2013 a new working group for singers and instrumentalists. The objective is to explore the relationships between words and music. The "Master Class" thus become a place of discovery and creation in which the singers /musicians learn to make the song their own and how to find their authentic way of singing.

In practice:
- It is a workshop of 10 days, punctuated by 2 concerts (in Brussels and Liege).

- At the headquarters of the asbl: Rue Hullos 93, 4000 Liège. It is located at 500m from highway E41 exit n.°33 and it takes 20 minutes walking from Guillemins Station.

- Dates will be communicated later

Places limited to 12 participants.

How much ?
- Price for the entire Master Class: 520 €

Payable to World Citizens Music asbl : Fortis n° 001-4880181-90 with the following communication :
for the entire Master Class: « lastname + firstname + master class complet » = 520 €

Registration and info at - 32 (0) 4 232 00 51


Each participant is asked to find a song that falls outside of their normal singing experience; a lyric singer should look into jazz or pop music; a pop singer should look into classical music, etc. The song chosen must be essentially something with which the singer could identify deeply and must be in his or hers mother tongue. The next step is analysis of the text : what does it mean to the person that will undertake its interpretation and how to express this in a concrete way in front of an audience.

Then, with the instrumentalists, who have also participated in the previous steps, we begin to try to find ways of realizing arrangements that can effectively sustain and support the discovery’s that have been made.

So the master class becomes a place of discovery and creation.

Participants 2011

Thomas Engelen
Karine Ernens
Chantal Heck
Isaline Leloup
Rachel Pinglet
Thomas Richard

Participants 2010

Hanna Bardos
Sylvain Boisvert
Mélodie Moureau
Thomas Richard
Marie-Sophie Talbot
Farida Zouj

Participants 2009

Julie Bailly
Monya Chaffi
Colin Delloye
Chantal Heck
Marie Jouhaud
Céline Lory
Pierre Quenehen
Silvia Tarozzi
Céline Taubennest
Véronique van Cutsem
Déborah Walker